Completing A 10 Mile Run, With Help From The Team

I was pretty concerned how 10 miles would go today given my 9 miles last week was such a challenge. However, when you have the support of your team, go Hope Water, you can accomplish great things.

When I finished out my run I was blown away. Not by the speed at which I finished but that I was able to complete the entire run without having to walk half of it. This was where one of the points of my that gave totally hit home. When you have someone to run with you can accomplish great things. If you try to run it all on your own you are going to struggle. This is a piece of advice I give every new runner I speak with. However, it’s not just for new runners, of you’ve been running for years you’d be amazed at what you can do if you move to running with someone.

Support clean water: https://timn.me/HWI2021

Johnson Park

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