Wells And Wellness…And Treadmills

I decided to run on the treadmill this morning for my speed work, partly due to the down pouring rain. It was the toughest training run I’ve had in awhile. I’ve always considered the treadmill as the most boring and dreaded running you can do. I’ve starting to change my opinion on the treadmill. Instead of the dreaded thing I’ve always seen it as, however I have some to respect it, it challenges you in ways that the outdoors doesn’t. Needless to say today the treadmill won. I only made it to 6 miles and cut the last 23 minutes of my run.

I did this photo collage to show that I not only but I also run for my health. About 3.5 years ago I was diagnosed with prediabetes, and weighed about 270 pounds. I started some walking and then a few months later began working towards running. I also began a significant change in my eating. About a year later I was down about 100 pounds and I completed running my first 5K. Ever since I’ve stayed on the path of running and trying continue a better eating lifestyle. I have good days and I have bad days but I keep going because I don’t want to go back to where I was.

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