Distance: 7.69 mi, Time: 1:25:07, Pace: 11:04/mi — Hudsonville - Long Easy Run

Another Saturday Evening Long Run

It was another Saturday that required a schedule adjustment to run in the evening instead of the early morning. It’s definitely not my favorite time to run, and I almost made the choice to skip it, but I managed to get myself ready and out the door.

Given how late it was, the long day behind me, and knowing that my shoulder problems would probably give me problems the longer I ran, I opted not to do the optional 20 minute extra run interval. It’s interesting to experience how something like an issue with a shoulder can affect a run. Some might wonder what a shoulder has to do with running. Isn’t all about your legs? If you’ve deviled into running form then you’d know that there is much more to running than just your legs.

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