A Better Tuesday Long Run, Working On Endurance

In Sierra Leone, Africa, many have no choice but to endure miles of travel to access water, and for many that water isn’t safe but they don’t have any other options. The need for clean water it’s great, and through Hope Water International, progress is being made, but we’re not done yet.

Join Hope Water to bring clean water Africa: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

This morning I really worked on slowing my pace to fall in line with the training plan. I had a much better pace today than a few days ago. It was definitely a focus on endurance than speed. In some ways slowing down is more work than it is to speed up.

I’d like to see if I continue to work on my endurance if I can get back to a long run fast pace. Regardless of how things go I’m still blessed that I can manage most of the long runs.

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