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10 More Miles And 2 Years Ago

It was great weather for a 10 miles run this morning. As I finished things up I was reminded that just 2 years ago I was blessed to be hanging out with a bunch of children in Sierra Leone.

I had hoped to return there last year but things didn’t work out. Traveling to Sierra Leone and seeing first hand the hardship of the lack of clean water, as well as the blessings a village experiences when a well is put in, is something that I will never forget.

Let me tell you, until you have an experience like that your world view is pretty narrow minded. It’s that experience that has driven much of my perspective on the impact of on our world. What people in the U.S. perceive as hardship, because of the restrictions we have had in the past couple of months, doesn’t compare in the least the the hardship lived out daily as the norm in places like Sierra Leone. I care about the welfare of people, not business and politics.

Be a part of something bigger and give to clean water that will impact generations. https://timn.me/2020HWI

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