Yes, I Did Also Run On Monday

I didn’t get around to sharing yesterday’s easy run to the masses, you may have seen it if you follow me on one of the various run tracking platforms. Today’s speed work kicked my butt indeed. I got a Garmin 5K PR though, so I can’t complain, plus I did manage to get up early and get out for a run.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how “good” your run is, all that really matters is that you got out the door and were active. Can a PR, or feeling really good at the end of a run, be something to be excited and happy about, for sure. In the long run, no pun intended, the PRs are going to stop. We are all going to get older and slower, that is a fact of life. However, if I can reach my 70s/80s/90s and still get out and put some distance in no matter the speed or the distance I call that an ultimate win.

I’m still looking for some partners to help me cross my fund raiser finish line. It’s not too late to join me and make a global impact. https://timn.me/HWI2022


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