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Will This Be The New Dawn of Mastodon?

So, unlike many who may have traveled to either during the first year of the COVID19 pandemic and a lot of political unrest in the United States in 2020, or more recently as Twitter looks to become something far different than people have been accustomed to, I have been on Mastodon since 2018. My reasons for some of the exploration were a shift in how I saw my presence on the internet. What captured my attention back then was the idea of as in Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, and the .

Since then I actually setup my blog to be the central hub of my content and presence on the internet. It’s not a 100% encompassing solution as I have not quite nailed down the ability to say post a reply to someone on some platform starting at my blog and keeping the conversation completely within my control. Additionally, while I am able to capture replies from others on those platforms, mostly, on my site I haven’t gotten it working where I can simply reply in the comments on my site and have that comment posted as a real reply on any given platform. In the end though I do have a decent record in my control of the posts I’ve made and the responses I’ve received.

I’ll be curious to see what comes of the seemingly mass exodus of users coming into the Mastodon realm. I know when I first started on Twitter in 2007 it was mostly a bunch of techies so I suspect that is where Mastodon will be for awhile. I do find it hard to ever see my wife or my parents ever on Mastodon, and I’m curious about all of the brands that have established their presence on those “mainstream” platforms. These days I’m rarely active on Facebook & Instagram, and my time on Twitter ebbs and flows, but then again I think my general social media presence sort of ebbs and flows really.

For those interested, my Android client of choice for Mastodon is Tusky. I honestly don’t recall if there was an official Mastodon client for Android back when I started but I know I tried a few and Tusky won. I’m not an iOS user so I can’t speak to what is good over there. On the web the instance interface is generally good without the need for a desktop app.

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