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WordPress Development On A Chromebook, Termux, & Neovim

So about 6 months ago I decided to make some changes to my personal development environment. I’ve been using a Chromebook as my primary machine since about 2013. I first purchased an Acer C710 for my wife to use but compared to our Macbook Pro it was a frustrating and subpar experience for her, not […]

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If Money Were No Object, What I’d Choose For My Next Developer Machine

These days I’m sporting an HP Chromebook 13 G1 which has mostly been a good machine. Seems like even with 8GB of RAM I still end up with some freeze ups when I’m plugging in or unplugging my USB-C dock. It’s rather frustrating but fortunately Google Chrome is designed to recognize abrupt closes and can […]

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WPGR: Learn about the Developer Tools in your browser

Firefox Developer Tools – Topher Inspector – look at HTML/CSS behind a web page Responsive Display Mode Console – look for errors (security/resource loading issues) Different results depending on when you open – loading vs loaded Debugger – for JavaScript Style Editor – for changing CSS Performance – monitoring page load performance Network – Storage […]

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Looking Back on 2017, the Year of Firsts

I don’t recall if I’ve ever written any sort of year-in-review blog post or even social media post, but this year I have had so many firsts that I wanted to reflect on and share my thanks for. Health In the health department I not only reached my initial target goal weight but actually surpassed […]

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Lifelong Learning As A Developer

“if you’re not enjoying learning new things about your job, what are you doing working that job in the first place?” – Bruno Skvorc

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[X-Post] WordPress Plugins Are Dead? Long Live Plugins