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Working From Rest, Productivity At It’s Best

“Man’s blessing didn’t come from what he produced, rather, what he produced stemmed from his blessing. Let that blessing fuel your work, so that striving ceases and what you produce comes out of a place of rest.” – SELAH | Defining Rest In The Age Of Productivity The start of this study reminded me of […]

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Have I Forgotten?

I know that morning will come too soon, I’ve got to be to work by 5am, but once again I find myself searching. I love how God is always tugging at me and wanting to stretch, and most of all asking me to continue on the path towards Him. Something that has been pulling at […]

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Busy Days, Lazy Nights…

Just wanted to make a quick post. My days, Monday & Tuesday, were crazy busy. On the other hand both evenings were kind of lazy on my part. Monday I did try working on recording some music. That would have been better if I ended up actually having something to show for the time I […]

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When God Straightens Us Out, We Find Joy

Well, I finaly made it up early today, and I had my time with God. What an incredible difference that makes. I feel like I got a lot accomplished today at work. I still have a pretty busy work day tomorrow but God has shown me the light. Tonight I was able to get yet […]

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Hoping to Get Back in The Groove…

Something that came up at our Life Shapes meeting this morning, was the subject of mission. This is something that I’ve been sort of struggling with, in that I’m trying to determine what my mission should be. I think this brings me back to the Purpose Driven Life. I have felt, for a long time, […]

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When The Well Runs Dry…

That title actually has a couple of meaning this morning. As I drove myself to work this morning it kind of hit how spiritually dry I feel today. This comes from the lack of reading and morning quite time I’ve had for most of the week. Oh how I long for those days of having […]