Time To Get Serious: Week One Reflection

To recap the studies of the week, let God be God, practice His presence, seek to live a holy life.

As I was thinking about it, it seems like whenever we learn something new about God we go and stick Him in a box again. When we get to know God we start to think we know God. The reality of it is we only get glimpses of what God is and until we go to be with Him we will never really know God here on earth.

For me, keeping the thought of worshiping God daily is a very hard one. It gets to be too easy to just go about the things of the day without giving thanks to God through out it. We are always taking things for granted. Even on our worst days there is much to be giving God thanks for as there are others that are still worse off.

Holy living, this is of course a hard thing to think about. I know I fail at this daily. We simply need to return to Christ and trust in His grace to pick us up, and follow after Him. This is all we can do.

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