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Major Catch-Up Coming…

Ok, so I’ve been pretty out of it blog-wise the past week. It’s not so much an issue of not wanting to blog. It’s just an issue of having the right time to do it. I’m thinking I’m going to work in a good chunk of time tomorrow to catch up on everything that’s been going on. I think my problem too is that I really like doing my post right before I go to bed. This is good and bad as my day is done but I usually spend a good chunk of time writing and don’t get to bed as soon as I really need to. I’m going to leave with at least one topic posted…

So a match has been found on eHarmony, and the communication stages have progressed through to the open messages back-and-forth. When I got to step 4 in the communication I started to get a little nervous. I’m still feeling aprehensive about the whole relationship thing after the last time. I’m feeling like I’m just setting myself up to get hurt again, seeing as how the only two relationships I’ve ever had have ended badly. I’m going into this with pretty much no expectations. This may be good or bad but the only way I’m going to be able to move forward in this area of my life. This may turn out to be nothing but it will be good for experience. I’ve given her the opportunity to read my blog. This may not have been wise by some, but I figure this is as close to who I really am and will give her the ability to see a bigger picture of who I am. I guess I figure if she sees this and doesn’t run for the hills then maybe I’ve got a chance at finding someone special out there that will love me for exactly who I am. Isn’t that the idea behind finding a mate. If they don’t love you for all you are then the relationship probably won’t last. Well, time will tell where this goes. Just another adventure in this thing called life. Well chow for now!

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  1. It’s like that song by Jon Brion:

    You’ve gotta hope
    That there’s someone for you
    Strange as you are
    Who can cope
    With the things that you do
    Without trying too hard


    Good luck. I’m blogging about my eHarmony experiences as well lately…. which I think are mostly comedy. I’m not sold on the system yet, but I suppose I’ve got a couple more months to think about it.

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