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Excellent Weekend…

Magnificent SevenWell, I didn’t get a post made last night. I just got a little tired to make the post. Also, there wasn’t much that went on Saturday. I got up around 9:30 and got around to getting my remaining leaves cleaned up and taken to the dump before the rain came. I made some bread in the bread machine for the first time. The crust got a little harder and thicker than I would have preferred but it was tasty. I mostly bummed around that day. I went over to John O’s that night and watched “The Magnificent Seven” with Rud Wasson & Shawn Osborne. It was a good old western.

Today I got up for the early service at church. John Kilde gave the message and it was excellent. I always love to hear Pastor Kilde. After the service Anders and I headed to the cities for Grease. We had an excellent car ride down. It was kind of funny as once we got close to the cities Google Maps let me down. It had no clue how to get us to Concordia University. We could have been to the Theatre at 1pm, but didn’t make it until 1:45. Anders had a good laugh at my getting lost in the cities. I now realize I need to get myself a good Twin Cities map before I head that way again. I might make a point of talking to my Dad before I go too as he knows the cities better than I do.

GreaseI have to say that Concordia’s theatre department puts on an excellent show. I know from talking to Sarah that after Friday’s show they were accused of lip syncing. I can see how that could be mistaken. I’d say that anyone that is looking for an inexpensive quality play, check out what’s showing at Concordia.

After the show my family, Anders, and I headed to Perkins to grab a bite to eat before we headed home. It was a good time to catch up with my family a little. It was funny, Anders said afterwards that he had a hard time seeing them as my family. I guess I’m a bit different from the rest of my family. He was perhaps mostly referencing my resemblance to them. I look mostly like my Dad, and my brother Kyle (who wasnt’ there) looks a lot like me too.

After supper we headed back to Fergus. We had quite the trip back too, I got off on the wrong road again. Let’s just say that me and driving don’t mix well in the Twin Cities. I wasn’t paying attention and ended up heading down 494 rather than staying on 94. Let’s just say we ended up taking the scenic route back to 94, lol. We got back into Fergus around 8:45. So all in all it was a pretty excellent weekend.

On to something a little different. Tonight I was thinking about my blog, and how I chat on IM. I’m wondering if I’m too open and honest in my posts and/or my IM chats. I guess it’s not that I feel i need to be dishonest, or hiding things from people. However, unless I’m talking with my closest friend, what I say might freak people out. I guess since I’m not really that open in the general public, I feel like I can be on here. I guess I’m not being carefully, and really thinking through what I’m going to say and how that can be read, or misread. I think I need to take more time to stop and think before I hit that Send/Publish button. One area I worry about this affecting is the relationship area. I need to use a little more disgression and I suppose “play the game”.

Well I need to be getting to bed. I’ve got to be at Perkins at 6:30 am tomorrow. I want to quick look over the study for tomorrow and read before I hit the sack. Until tomorrow, chow!

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  1. Nothing wrong with being open, Tim….. you just have to realized that anyone anywhere could read what you’ve written here. If there’s things that are better left unsaid, then perhaps they shouldn’t be posted, but if you want to share your thoughts/experiences with the world then go for it! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Tim,

    Sounds like you’re a great driver…. HA! yeah right, but ya know we all have to have some area we have some “difficulty” in riiiiight?
    talk to you later

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