Haven’t Posted in Awhile…

I haven’t posted in awhile, something I must work on as usual. Seems like these days I’m so terrible with keeping in touch with people. This isn’t the way I’ve wanted it to be. I seem to constantly struggle between holding on to the life I once led and pushing forward with the new life God has given me. As this new year has begun I’ve had some opportunities to reflect on my life, and how God has changed it in a huge way. A little over a year ago I would have never guessed that within the next year God would bring an amazing woman into my life and lead me to change almost my entire life.

God is so good, and faithful beyond anything we can imagine. I’m always reminded of how amazing God is. He never ceases to amaze me. Reading this morning about the God’s omniscience makes me so comforted to have my life in His hands. If I tried to do my life all on my own I’d be a wandering fool, but with God leading my life in so many ways it gives me great peace.

Well, I’ve have to post a bit more when I get some more time. It’s going to be a crazy day today I think. For anyone that might be glancing over this, please pray for Vanessa as she has once again gotten a case of the flu. Being sick is really wearing on her. Thanks!

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