The Goodness of Things…

So despite the disappointments that come my way. Life is good. At times I wish for things I think would make life better: more friends my age, my dream job, more money, a significant other. Today God has reminded me of all the blessings he has given me: my job, the friends I do have, exactly enough money to take care of myself, and a relationship with Him. I know I can seem like the most unhappy, unsatisfied person when you read my posts. Things aren’t usually as bad as I might make them sound. My biggest struggle is this whole area of relationships. Satan knows this is my button. He manages to push that at every opportunity. Well, I have great friends that continue to encourage me. God’s got a plan for my life I just have to be patient as He unfolds it.

So I was able to adjust, but still stick to my work schedule today. People at work are beginning to understanding that I work best when I’m not being pulled in every direction, this would be the "C" in me. I actually felt today that I was able to make some accomplishments.

Bruce Stumbo invited me to lunch with him and Todd. I was initially hesitant, as I’m a little low on cash after coming off the camping trip and paying bills, but I decided I could swing it. I was also eager to spend my lunch with someone other than myself. We had a good lunch and talked about how we continue to put "church" in this small defined box. I really enjoy the opportunities I have to have meaningful converstations with Pastors.

So I got a call today, I’ve been hired to develop a website for a company in Fergus, On Demand Graphics. So I just got a fat check, 50% of the job, which is going to help pay some bills, and perhaps do a memory upgrade on the iBook. I’m hoping it doesn’t take anymore time than the 16 hours I qouted. I’d like to have some time for myself too. It sweet to see how God takes care of you. Money became a bit tight, so He took care of it, God is so good.

Youth praise team practice went really well tonight. I think we’ll be ready to lead as a team next week. Ian joined us on keys, yeah! We lost Katie & Steph but I’m hoping to get them back eventually, maybe they’ll at least play with us next week, the violin adds so much. Even though we won’t be leading every Wednesday as a team for awhile, I think this year is going to be great!

Well, I got an interesting call tonight from my brother. This is the same brother that is getting sent over to Iraq. Well I guess Thursday he is getting married to his girlfriend. This was unexpected but not shocking. With the way my brothers are there isn’t a lot they surprises me. He didn’t say much other than they plan to have a big wedding after he gets back, in over a year. So now my brother, Kyle, will be the first in the family to be married. I sure hope the relatives don’t use that as an excuse to get on my case.

So yeah it kind of surprises me the people I find that read my blog. It’s basically people that know me. I also find out that people read it somewhat regularily. I didn’t realize I was all that interesting. I guess that I do know that I’m probably more interesting in writing than in person. I don’t talk all that much in person. That is why my blog posts get so long. It’s rather interesting how I’m strange that way. I wish I could be this talkative in person, but for a lot of it I need time to process it.

So ok, I realize I talk about the whole relationship subject a lot on here. I guess, it just hit me right now, why not put out a call to all the women out there to give me their advice. What should I be doing? I know I can’t just sit and do nothing, but what do I do. This is probably pretty pathetic, but I’m at the end of my rope on this. I need to do something about it, rather than just sit and get all poor-me about it. Where do I got to meet someone? How’s a guy suppose to know what to do? Where’s the "Dummies Guide to Finding A Mate"? Is online dating my only hope? Should I setup a "Help Tim Pay for eHarmony" fund, put a PayPal donation button on my blog? If someone knows of someone I should meet, how is that suppose to work? What am I suppose to do? So if I go on some blind date, what does that mean? Am I basically just going to be setting myself up for getting hurt no matter what I do? How do I protect myself? Did I already ask where’s the manual? Ok, so you might be thinking I’ve gone of my rocker, but I’m dead serious. I’m thinking about the Circle LifeShape. I’ve done a lot of discussion on this subject in my life. There is suppose to be a plan, then someone to hold me accountable to that plan, and then some actual action. How can this be done? I guess I’m looking for any serious advice, I can weed through it all, and I’ve got friends to help with that too. Boy, now I probably sound desperate. That really has nothing to do with it. I’m just tired of ending up turning to the thought of just forget about it all. There seem to be so many people that care about me, I’ve got have something going for me. I could understand if everyone thought I was a jerk.

Well it’s of course late once again. I need to get my butt to bed. Chow till tomorrow! 

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