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A Big Thank You…

Thanks guys for the encouragement & support. The reality is that not really any of the advice items you’ve said is something I didn’t already know, or haven’t told myself like a hundred times. This is why I had to get it all out in the open. I just need a lot of prayer in this area of my life. Like I said at the end this is something I’m needed to take to God everday.

You know this topic of not going and looking, as it relates to relationships, I’m starting to have a little issue with. I would agree that yes you shouldn’t go looking under rocks for someone but there are circumstances I believe that change this. I think if my own life. Right now there really isn’t anyone to build a friendship with where I am. I found that this was pretty much my state when I finished working at camp too. Their I was getting older and the girls coming through were getting younger and younger. Now not much has changed. Pretty much everyone I work with is about old enough to be my parents. And there aren’t really people in my social circle to build a friendship with. It would seem for me that, and this has been my thinking, that unless I move eHarmony is the only way I’m going to meet someone. I would be very opposed to some kind of thinking that eHarmony, or other things like it, are just letting people give into their desire for a relationship, and that’s, sinful? I struggle with Paul’s words that it is better to not be married, and God’s words that it is not good for man to be alone. And yes those can be speaking about totally different relationships. However why is it that every Pastor brings up God’s words, about it not being good that man be alone, at a wedding? I all honest I hate listening to this at a wedding. How crappy it makes me feel when put in that context. I totally see Paul’s point, I’ve been thankful for this in my life over the past few weeks even.

Ok, I know feel as though I’ve kind of gone on the defensive. This was not my intention. I just think that at times we try to make up guidelines that we think are the Christian thing to do, and then we spread that as God’s commands. This is way off, in all things we need to be seeking God’s direction and truth. This is something I’ve realized even more recently. Most of us want to find answers from our friends or people we look up to. While this is not bad, or even helpful, if we are to be following God’s will for our lives we need to go to Him. We need to follow His lead in our lives. This is where I am at, and this is just another reason why being in His Word daily is so vital.

Well, I need to be going now. Chow again!

So I’m obviously thinking about this subject more. I had some additional thoughts but now I’m at work and have forgetten them. I know one thought was about a comment someone made to me a while back. We sometimes think that when we leave things up to God that now we just sit back and wait for Him to do all of the work, yet the reality of it is that while God is more that capable of doing all the work, we may need to take some part in seeing His plan being fullfilled.

Ok, now I must be getting to work. Chow some more…lol!

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  1. Hey Tim, its amazing how we hear a group of people say something and- youre right- we make that word our bond. Paul was talking about how to respond if you struggle with staying completely dedicated to God once you put “her” (whoever that might be) in the picture. Right, God’s word says its not good for man to be alone, but it also talks about how God is to be your everything. All this you have heard over and over again I’m sure, and you probably dont appreciate having a 16 year old preaching when it looks like she SHOULDNT even have a clue about this stuff. But I guess as you struggle on what to do, think about what it would be like when youre married, would you put this woman first or would you ultimately still put God first and then treat her like God treats the church. If not, search your desires.
    talk to you later

  2. Cass, I always welcome your words. You are correct this is nothing I haven’t heard before. And believe me when I say that I have no desire for a relationship that doesn’t put Christ at the head of it. This is how I worked to keep my last relationship. Perhaps this is why it didn’t last, maybe she wasn’t at the same place I was to be in the relationship that way. Maybe she felt as though I was putting God before her, which is the way it needs to be. I’m truely looking for a woman that wants to keep Christ the focus of both our lives, and serve Him together. Thanks again.

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