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Another Quick One…If That’s Possible

Well, the goal here is to keep it short so I can get to bed. So today was a pretty good day. I really feel like I got some things done at work.

I’ve been getting some very encouraging words from many, I thank you all again. As I’ve thought even more about this topic of relationships I’m finding myself torn on a fine line between expecting God to do all the work and taking it all into my own hands. I think a big issue is motivation. While it’s not bad to look elsewhere for social interact, thinking about not having much for single people to hang out with, my motivation is to find my future wife. This really needs to be left to God. Seeking out a possible relationship on eHarmony, or any other service like it, is this wrong? This seems like one of those grey areas. Well, even though this post is intended to be short I’ve already spent too much time thinking about this. Let’s get on with the rest of the day.

Not too much happened today other than Settlers with the guys tonight. We had it at my house instead of John’s as Caristy and some other women were working on cards, like stamping and stuff, at their house. Well Dan won for the 4th week in a row. I was like one point away, grrr. Maybe next time. Perhaps before next time I can find some new maps online.

I did some nice chatting on IM before the guys came. I also spent some time rocking out to “Change Me” by Sactus Real. I’m kind of claiming that song right now. It really speaks to how I need God to be changing me always. This ties into my constant mind battles. Well, the clock is ticking. Calling it a night. CHOW!(LOL)

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  1. Grey… yes… not gonna say it’s right or wrong… it’s a heart issue. I believe you’re heart is in the right place Tim, the big problem is that you can’t gaurantee where other peoples hearts are.

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