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Dance, Dance, Dance…

I know that I haven’t posted in awhile. And I know that my last post, that some may have seen, was a not ans exciting life update post. I haven’t forgotten about the blog world, life just sometimes gets away from you. My podcasting days come back to mind every now and then too. I really think that if I’m going to get back into the podcasting I need to come up with a solid plan for organizing each show.

Vanessa and I have just completed the 4th week of our dance class. We’ve learned both the waltz and the foxtrot so far. We had so much fun tonight, especially whiel practicing before class at my house. I love all the laughter we share. We’re not doing too bad, the key of it all is practice. I think we may need be sure to consider keeping up on practicing even after the class is done. I’ve bought some waltz, foxtrot, and swing music that we can dance too so we have what we need to practice. The only thing that we run into, quite literally actually, is not having enough room. Actually, as I just thought about it, we should really use Vanessa’s basement to practice. 💡

Well, other things in life…work is going good. I do enjoy my job quite a bit, but there are things that do frustrate me at times. I’m pretty sure that is the case with all jobs really. There does seem to be a lot I need to learn yet. Learning is good.

I’ve been pretty involved with church too. I’ve been running sound for Splash, I’ve been working on a new bookstore website, and I’m a part of a small group that meets every couple of weeks. I really enjoy the series we’ve started in small group. I am hoping to start getting to know the others in the group though. I’d be nice to have some sort of social gathering. I haven’t exactly found someone in the group that I click with. I guess it has partly to do with finding that common ground of interests.

This Thursday I’m hoping to attend a meet up that just started for playing board games & card games. I found out about the group through Meetup.com where you can find other people in your area with simliar interests. I’m hoping to start playing some Settlers with this group.

Well, the time is ticking away, off to bed I need to be heading.

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  1. So I am VERY jealous of you….I want to learn the Fox Trot and how to Waltz…you are so lucky!!!

    Well…I can’t say for John but I’m assuming he feels the same way…we miss you and wish we could see you guys….just think just about this time you were coming with us to Maple Wood for some fun times! Crazy!

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