Warning: Google Video Not Safe

So, I just wanted to post this out there to warn anyone that I know. I decided to check out what was new with Google Video and took a look by the Top 100 list. To my horror I found that, at least by the description, that Google Video is not safe from a content perspective. The top videos had some sort of sexual or perhaps even pornographic description. One nice thing is that Google does provide a way to report a movie because of this type of issue, however there still isn’t any safe way to browse Google Video. They even list in their FAQ that they dont’ have SafeSearch working yet for Google Video. This is a huge mistake on their part I would have to say. I was a little disappointed in my own filtering software for not doing a better job of filtering out even the listing of those bad movies. One other good things though is that I have Flashblock installed in Firefox and Google Video uses flash for it’s movies. This allowed me to select the video link, without actually loading up the movie, and report it as being in violation of the content policy that Google has set. The problem even here though is that they should provide a way to flag a movie from the listing screen and also if I’m logged into my Google Account have those movies I’ve flagged automatically be removed from the listings I see.

It really stinks that the internet has to be so polluted. I know that I will have a hard time ever allowing my children to use the internet unsupervised. Well, I hope this warning does some good. Normally I’m a huge supporter of Google and all it’s projects, but this is one project that I have to be against for the time being.

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  1. actually, google video usually has people or something who screen for content. while the video title may be questionable, no video of actual…censorable material would be able to make it to the top 100 without google’s intervention

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