The Engagement…

So I know that I’d let everyone know how the engagement happened so here it is. It’s not some super amazing thing. I really wish I could have made it a super magical experience but I just didn’t get there.

I planned out a full day of activities together starting with breakfast. I was wanting to include Vanessa’s parents in on the breakfast but they couldn’t make it. Before I got to her place to take her to breakfast I made a quick stop over to the flower shop to get a rose for her. My plan was to use it later in the day.

We headed over to a restaurant called Wolfgang’s. It’s located in downtown Grand Rapids I believe. This place has the most amazing breakfast I’ve every had. I would have to say that they put any other Perkins or Embers type restaurants to shame. We had a great time talking and enjoying the meal.

Afterwards we went back to her house to begin decorating for Christmas. It was early but she really wanted to have things decorated for the following week when the staff Christmas party would be, and the coming week was going to be crazy. We had fun working on pulling out the decorations and putting up all of the lights. After we got the lights up we headed over to see about wood for the fireplace. (She had a wood-burning fireplace in her living room) She really wanted to try getting the fireplace working so we could have a fire at the Christmas party. I knew that they made chimney sweep logs so figured we’d give that a try. When we got back from the store we popped in some logs and started a fire. It was simply wonderful to enjoy a fire and snuggle together on the couch.

It came time for us to get ready for dinner, at around 5:45, and I had conveniently left my clothes at home. 😉 I was able to get ready and grab the flower and engagement ring and hid them in my trunk until dinner. When I got back to Vanessa’s I was so honored to be taking this beautiful woman to dinner.

I had found an authentic Italian restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids. I had never been there before but it was definitely fine dining. When we arrived, finally after having some bad directions and making several circles around the block, we were greeted at the door and was asked to take my coat. I was actually given a number so that I could retrieve my coat when we left. We were seated at a nice little table for two towards the back of the restaurant, and it was very quiet and peaceful. We order our drinks and meals and just enjoyed the environment and each others company. The food was excellent. While we were finishing our main coarse I said that I need to go to the car because I had “forgotten” my Palm out there. I ran out got the rose and the ring. I actually placed the ring in the center of the rose, so that I could present both in one process. I walked up and presented the rose, she saw the ring right away. I asked her if she would marry me, and she replied “of course”. She put the ring on her finger and was so happy. We shared a wonderful desert together and then tried to decide what to do for the remainder of the night. Our options were to go dancing or take in a movie. It had been a pretty long and eventful day so we decided to take it ease and go to a movie. The movie that we chose didn’t end up being the best but oh well. We both enjoy the day tremendously.

I am so happy to have Vanessa in my life, and soon be sharing every part of our lives together. We are both so excited for our wedding day and our life together as husband and wife. Thanks everyone for all of your support.

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  1. Alex says:

    Answer the question on everyone’s lips:

    what was the movie you went too.

    that sounds like it was great. if you took pictures you should probably post them. that’d be neat. congrats to both of you. i hope your wedding planning goes smooth, as does the wedding, as does your life together, as does whatever else it is that needs to be going well. i love you, and i wish you all the best.

    now buy me macbook pro.

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