Getting It Done On A Monday Morning

It was one of those mornings where after getting up you entertain the idea of just going back to bed instead of get out there for a run. I got over it and hit the streets. It was a slow start, but by the end of my run I had easily picked up the pace. I came to a point, after having prayed for the pending team, that it kind of dawned on me. How many of those in Sierra Leone get tired of the daily trek to get water for another day? They don’t really have the choice. I had a relatively easy choice this morning, nothing in my life hinges on that choice to run or not. My choice to run may make the difference of raising awareness to the water issue in Africa, and may ultimately give those in Africa the choice to be able to go to school, or go to work, instead of traveling miles miles every day just to get through to the next trip.

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