A Little Less Hair And A Little More Speed

This morning was a bonus training run day. According to the Endomondo marathon training plan I needed to do at least 5 days of running per week which meant adding Wednesdays as a running day instead of the training plan’s cross training day. I haven’t gone through to see how other things line up though I have my doubts much will actually line up. We’ll see what plan I end up following in the end.

I spent some time thinking about, and praying for, the people in Sierra Leone, especially those that I encountered last year when I was there. The rainy season should have either started or should be starting. This always presents it’s own challenges. For many getting around during the rainy season can be hard. Those that work with Enable The Children (#ETC) have to try to make through all sorts of road conditions to get the children they are working with. And those that need to travel to the markets or cities to get supplies or sell their goods also have a challenging time. My prayer for them right now is that the rains would be timely so that water can be supplied but it doesn’t hinder other aspects of their lives. Also, that the rains wouldn’t prevent new wells going for villages that desperately need them.

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