Knocking Out 14 Miles For Clean Water

This past week I was reading a YouVersion devotional written by a marathon runner. The author talked about the point during the marathon when we are faced with the question “why am I doing this?”. This can also happen during those tough training days.

Today was a good day, but on a long run the question of why can still pop up. Why did I wake up a 5am on a Saturday to run 14 miles? The reason for me is 3-fold. First is the mission to continue sharing the need for clean water. Second is do my best to stay active and healthy. The third reason is to be an example to my kids, and by getting up early I’m also not taking time away from my kids. My point is to show my kids the importance of being committed to a mission, but also not at their expense.

Join the mission of clean water, give today! https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

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