Distance: 3.62 miles, Time: 40:05, Pace: 11:04/mi | Hudsonville - Progressive Run

An Early Morning Snowy Progressive Run

It was a hard run, especially with the snow, but I got it done. It was an early run too, as I needed to get it wrapped up before my wife needed to leave. The snow made it very hard to hit my target pace when the second part of the run called for kicking into high gear. I’m hoping that the sidewalks and walkways all get cleared before this next week of runs.

Give to wells in Africa: https://timn.me/HWI2022

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  1. @Champagne ha, yeah, when I’m running in the dark I do my best to be seen and be able to see so don’t end up getting hurt. I’ve had some bad falls a couple of times in the past because I didn’t have good light.

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