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Ugh…It’s 4:11 am…What’s That Smell

So this morning was A LOT early than I was planning on getting up. Darn dog decided to take a dump in my room. I think I’m going to have to borrow the carpet shampooer from my parents this weekend. Had to clean that all up, I still think I’m smelling that dog poo stench, and I’m not even in the room (I’m downstairs, in the Living Room). Well just thought I’d share that…ugh…I feel sick. Pets, sometimes you love ’em, sometimes you don’t.

By Tim Nolte

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Yeah, it’s been a crazy busy week. I’m down at my parents doing some live sound recording. On the short, tonight was terrible. Don’t think I’ll be putting any of tonights performance on the CD. I’ll be updating when I get back, hopefully.

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