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A Little Life Update…

Well, I have to say that life is still kind of up and down for me. I’m beginning to realize that being busy is probably in my nature. As I think back to my high school and college days, I remember being a pretty active guy. And to think I have shy tendencies, lol. I […]

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A Post, A Post, At Last A Post

So what have we been up to, well when I say we I mean me. So life has been a little crazy this past week, although I don’t expect it to calm down anytime soon. I’ve got a lot of things to do by this weekend. I’ve got a load of photos to scan and […]

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Expectations, Communication…When Life Gets Too Busy

Well I got a rather unfortunate email today. I’ve basically been let go for the website project I was working on. The truth of the matter is there were things that myself and the company that hired me didn’t do very well. I kind of feel a little frustrated as I thought I made myself […]

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Quick One Tonight…

Ok, long story short I’m in a little hot water as I’m behind in the website job. Technically the contract they signed covers my butt, however it’s looking like I don’t have enough time for these types of side jobs. The day was pretty good, but too many things to do, this partly due to […]

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Night Owls Unite…

So yeah, I think I’ll forever be a night owl. Seems like no matter what I can get myself to bed early at all. Of course this makes it almost impossible to get up early in the morning. You’ll notice I didn’t get me devotions in this morning, er rather yesterday seeing as it’s already […]

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Long Day, Long Ride…

Well, got pulled in a lot of directions at work today. Things were still pretty quite. No one else was around in my department. It sure was a Friday, things got to be rolling pretty well in the break room this morning. This is to be expected when Armin is around on a Friday. It […]