Time To Get Serious: God’s Got The Power

Job 38:1-7, God is omnipotent, I think God does a lot of laughing as He watches us struggle with things that He can take care of with a simple thought. It can be so easy for us to forget about God in even the small details. When we begin to think that “we can do it” we can leave God by the way-side. Man has made many accomplishments, but none of it would have happened without God allowing it. It’s important for use to bring all things to God for His guidance. I thinking about when I have problems with a computer and struggle through a solution. I’ve found myself not even considering bringing it to God. If I would simply take the time to realize that God can take care of this, and go to Him, the solution might come about much quicker. We can see from what happened to Job that God does test us. When kairos moments happen and we begin the learning circle it’s important to not forget God in each part of the circle. We need to remember that God needs to be first in all things. We have no ability on our own, without God.

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