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A Day of Blessings…

Well today has been such a full day of blessings. The sermon this morning, given by President Egge, was on generosity and not just about giving money, but the generosity that Christ showed to all through time & help. It was really good to hear about being generous in all areas of your life, following Christ’s example.

Our LifeShapes study was excellent as well. Today we went through the hexagon, which focuses on prayer, and using the Lord’s Prayer as the model. While it gace and guideline, it also showed the vast ways that guideline can be worked out in our prayer life. Something that has brought me more in tune to a better prayer life is being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading in prayer. It’s also given me what I needed to approach prayer in a different way then what everyone models as prayer. Tonight on my way back from Fargo I began to think of people in my life, things I had talked about with Chad & Laura, and things coming up this week. As I began to think about these things it prompted to pray about these also. I was a wonderful time alone with God just lifting people up in prayer, confessing things in my life, and thanking Him for everything He has done in my life. This was a wonderful way to spend that quite ride home.

Well this afternoon I got to Chad & Laura’s, before I left town Chad had called and said something came up so he wouldn’t be there right away when I got there, Laura was working on making some Mac & Cheese for lunch. While she worked on that it gave us a chance to catch up, I explained some of the things I had blogged about. They are pretty busy and don’t have much time to read my blog, this is just fine. I really need to give them a call more often, I fail miserably in this area. It’s been great how I’ve been able to be very open and honest with Laura. Her brother Carl & his girlfriend stopped by to use their computer. I had an opportunity to chat with him a little too. I most shared some of the wealth of computer knowledge with him. It was good though. Chad got home a bit later than he wanted. When he got home I worked with Laura on some things about their online store, while he watched his nieces & nephew. After that they started working on supper and we were also going over some things for their wedding DVD. They finally got me their photos. I hope I can get this done for them within the next couple of weeks. I also shared with Chad much of what I talked about with Laura earlier. Before I left I mentioned to them about perhaps coming down to my place some weekend in January. They really have been down for any extensive period of time. Chad & I go out for lunch when he’s in the area, but both of them have been to my place to really spend time and visit. This doesn’t bother me but it would be nice to treat them to some hospitality too.

When I got into town I drove straight to John & Caristy’s. John had called me earlier that day about playing a game of Settler’s with some other adults. I made it at a good time as I was the first one to arrive. The game took quite awhile, I didn’t do very well. They were all up for playing something more but I knew I needed to get home to finish some things and get to bed. I’ve actually got laundry in right now I’m sort of waiting for.

So that pretty much closes the weekend. I’m feeling pretty content with things. God has really been helping me to leave things in His hands. It’s seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this much peace and contentment. I’m so thankful for everything He is doing in my life right now. I know that rough times will come again in the future, and even uncertainty. I just pray that I can remember this time in my life and be thankful for God’s provision in my life. He’s been so gracious, despite my downfalls. Well, I hear the washer winding down I think. I’ll do one more check of my email and be heading of to bed soon. I’ll be spending a little time reading before I truely call it a night.

One final thing, I want to thank everyone that continues to be so supportive of me through everything. I know I’ve got a lot of people pray for me and my relationship concerns. I’ve been seeing God work in my life in this area, and molding me. I’m so blessed to have so many people in my life that care about me. I truely thank God for them. Good night!

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