Overall Good One…

Ok, so things at work were pretty good. I realize that my expectations of what I want to get done are perhaps slightly too high, and I get distracted easily which also prevents me getting done all that I want to. I’m certain that I’ve got some slight case of ADD.

Todd took Bruce Stumbo & I out for lunch at God Father’s. Good pizza, and I got dessert pizza this time too! We talked about the FFP website project and how that was going. I explained that there could easily be enough work for me to do just web & IT work. They both of course agreed. It’s too bad I can devote more time to that as there is so much more that could be done for churches and the synod to provide services and tools for people. I really can’t wait to get this FFP bookstore off the ground. I’m getting close to having the design all buttoned up.

So finally the Apple/iTunes saga comes to somewhat of a close. They finally came out with a 5.0.1 update for iTunes and I was able to install it without a problem, at least so far. I was pretty hesitant but I knew how I could go back to 4.9 if I needed to. So it’s working, although I haven’t made use of any new features yet. I still tend to agree with many that the new look is pretty poor. I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if they’d kept the rounded corners like eveything else has. Perhaps someone will figure out a way to skin iTunes 5 to get back a little better look.

Tonight we had an all Fergus youth event at the middle school. It was alright, some of us thought that it wasn’t very well organized. I think that most of the youth enjoyed it however. The closing time with the Happy Fun Time comedy group was pretty good. Good clean fun. Crowser got to go up front to do some sound effects for them, I’ve got a snap shot on the photos section.

Yeah so my diving into photography was kind of a bust today. I took like 2 photos, well actually 3 but I didn’t actually get the shot fired. I’m still getting familiar with the camera. I guess since I haven’t done much for taking photos in the past this will be something I’m going to have to work at being more intentional about. I have to remind myself too that it doesn’t matter how many bad shots might come out, there’s no film to worry about. I still find myself trying to be sure I get the perfect shot. We’ll see what comes out of my camera time tomorrow night.

So went over to John & Caristy’s place after youth group tonight. They made nachos, which was good since I didn’t have any supper. Maralee, Kari, & Tara were there as well. It was a good time of just hanging out. Bunch of the conversation turned towards how people were related or connected to so many others. This tends to be most true with the long-time LB people. It still seems kind of funny to me that I really have no connection to the CLB other than being apart of a CLB congregation & camp growing up, and now I work in the Synod offices. I think other than perhaps a couple that work in FFP, I’m one of the very few that don’t have some other ties in the LB. It’s ok, my whole purpose in working at camp or the synod is to server people. With this gift of computers that God has given me I want to be sure to be using it to His glory. So back to the evening. Maralee & Tara left, but both Kari & I stayed a little while longer. Jeanette, who lives below them, came and joined us too. I had already met her sort of at Kari’s party. I decided to make the comment eventually realizing that I recognized her name from the online giving. She put it together then that I was the website guy, and that’s why I seemed familiar. We got to talking about books & movies a little. I had to admit that I haven’t done much reading for pleasure in a long time. It’s just something I haven’t made the time to do. I’ve got a bunch of ebooks I’d probably enjoy reading, some I’ve actually started already. So it came up that Jeanette has play some Settler’s and that Kari played once and likes it too. I think it would be a blast to have an adult group to play Settler’s. I still enjoy playing Settler’s with the youth, but it’s nice to find some social think to do with your peers. I do rather enjoy playing games. I’m huge on playing card games, at least the ones I know. I actually wish I had someone to play Cribbage with more. It’s just not a game for a lot of people, it’s an “Old Man’s” game you know, LOL.

Well once again it’s late, didn’t get typing as soon as I should of so tonight’s post is on the shorter side. It’s good to give people a break from too much of my nonsense. Chow once again!

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