Time To Get Serious: Our God is “Heavy”

Matthew 17:1-8, Jesus and the mount of transfiguration. When Jesus took a few of the Disciples up to the mountain top, I see two things that happened. One, is that He revealed His glory as God. It has me thinking about all the ways that God reveals Himself to us, whether through His Word, through others, or through things that happen. We have many opportunities to see God in the world.

The second thing that happened, was that the disciples wanted to pitch tents and stay there experiencing this great event. However, Jesus said no. He didn’t want what happened to stay there, but wanted the Disciples to share what happened with others. We can sometimes take the times & things that God reveals to us, and keep them to ourselves. This does tie into the challenge the study gives. How can we share God’s glory with others? When it happens that God reveals Himself to us, we need to use the Learning Circle approach I think. We need to reflect on it and discuss it with others, and really for it to have the greatest impact we need to come up with a plan and take action on it. Not all things can necessarily be acted upon, however when God reveals Himself to us there has to be some impact on us. I think that He does this so that we can have a closer relationship with Him.

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