“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Pedro_Weingärtner_-_Harvest_in_Anticoli_-_Google_Art_Project(Matthew 9:37) Why does it seem that the spiritual needs of people in this world vastly out-weigh the human resources? Why does it seem as though the Christian community (church global) continue to fail in it’s ministry to the world we live in? Where is our faith, is it so small that it has rendered our witness useless? Am I the only one out here that has his hearting breaking every time I see the brokenness of this world? How do we truely make a global impact for Christ in this world? God, give me Your guidance and wisdom, help me to be the kind of Christian You call us to be. Keep my eyes open, and give me the courage to share Your message and love to those around me.

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