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Trying to Keep Up…

OK, well I’m going to try to stay on top of at least something of a daily post. I think what is more realistic is a few weekly posts. I’d rather not even go into how my day went. It was one of those frustrating days when at every turn you wonder if it could get any worse, then it does. Once I got on the road and off to Fargo for the evening things started looking up.

I headed to Fargo to visit my friend Chad. I didn’t get there quite as soon as I would have liked but I was pretty much right on time for supper. We enjoyed some good sausage & rice. I have to say that I never have a bad meal when visiting Chad. He’s a hunter so there is always a good supply of venison meat at his place. After we ate we prepared to work on his fireplace. He’s doing all the work of the stone facing on the fireplace himself. It had come along quite nicely since the last time I saw it. We didn’t get a lot done in comparison to the rest but when you are actually working on it you realize how much time something like that takes. Chad figured that we finished twice what he would normally get done in one night. I was happy I could come up and help. BTW, not sure I mentioned that his wife was out of town so I figured it was a good time to help him out and keep him company. 😀

I got going back home a bit after 8 and enjoyed a wonderful car ride home talking to the woman of my life. It’s amazing how fast a trip can go when you have someone wonderful to talk to. I love being able to share how our days went and be able to laugh together. For those of you that didn’t know I’ll be heading out to MI in little more than a week. I can’t wait to get out there to spend some time with Vanessa again. I’ll be enjoying the opportunity of getting to meet her family and friends out there too!

Well, I’ll be calling it a night. Until the next post. Valete!

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