Health Challenges of a Desk Job

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Black Gaiam via @amazon

I saw this link today on this fancy device for an exercise ball to make it a chair. My co-worker has an exercise ball in his office he sometimes sits on. This Balance Ball Chair seems a little bit of a half attempt at the whole concept, seems like you’d lose some of the benefits of just using the exercise ball itself, but at least you have less of a chance of falling off right. ?

This really touches on the challenges of keeping a healthy lifestyle when you have a desk job. Things like standing desks are another tool that has become popular because of the whole office health risk issue. Something I started early last year was to make a point of getting outside and walking a couple times during the day at work. With the colder winter months, and a pretty demanding project right now, seem to be making it hard to manage that. A continual challenge to stay healthy. I’ll be very interested to follow my office job brethren and hear about what’s working for them.

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