Christmas Eve 10K+ Training Run

Enjoyed a run with some light snow falling. One challenge was that when I started things were clear, with no snow in the forecast, but a couple miles into the run the snow started and I noticed many slick spots on the sidewalk. And wouldn’t you know I had decided not to wear my cleats. I surprisingly still finished with a pretty solid average pace. I haven’t really ran in much for significant weather yet this winter. We’ll see what Minnesota brings to my runs next week while visiting family.

I get a lot of comments about not “taking a break” from running. And I don’t discount the concern people may have that I’m pushing myself towards injury. The reality of it though is that running is really just a part of who I am at this point. It’s also, for me, something bigger than just running. It’s my time alone with God, time to let him speak to me, and it’s time I spend that helps me remember the bigger picture of why I run, being a part of providing wells to those in need in Africa. The race may be done, and I may have crossed that finish line, but the need for clean water hasn’t ended, so my running doesn’t stop either.

Donate to Clean Water – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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