9.4 Mile Combo Training Plan Run, With Some Rain On The Side

Today was another combo plan training run, #Endomodo distance and pace. Does that surprise anyone? Ha. It was nice to have things a bit warmer given the wind and rain. I don’t feel as soaked as yesterday but early in my run I felt like I was headed into a hurricane, especially when you see the rain moving horizontally.

After making through the first half of my run I spent the 2nd half praying for the village of and the church that is supporting them. I also thought about all those from the #HlWI team that have incurred some sort of injury that is now preventing them from running. Lastly, my thoughts turned to my sister’s new family addition PJ, who was just born. This world is a roller coaster of ups and downs and I’m thankful for a God that is with us through it all.

Donate To Water, To Life – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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