Last Full Training Week Before The Big Day

Pretty much unheard of for me today ended up being an evening training run, and an one at that. I started off way better than the start of a typical morning run, but given I’ve had a whole day to get my body moving that sort of makes sense. It was still pretty warm and humid, though I really appreciated the occasional breeze. I can’t wait until the temps cool down more. It did get me thinking about what those in Africa have to deal with, just walking, to go for miles just to get a container of water.

Donate to Water – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

I did spend a lot of time thinking about my former camp co-worker Jon and his family. I found out today that after a.yhe last few weeks of hospice yesterday he passed away. I celebrate with his family that he is now with Christ and enjoying the joys of heaven, but I also mourn along with his family remembering the times we hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. He touched many lives during his time here on Earth.

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