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A Little Speed Work, And A Lot Of God Time

While I did have to focus a little bit on the speed work part of my training run this morning, I spent a good part of that time reflecting on a lot of what God has been speaking to me about over the past week. I was challenged last night at the Daybreak missions dinner with what I am doing with my running, and my experience going to Sierra Leone. Having seen first hand what it’s like in Sierra Leone, I’m feeling challenged to evaluate how well I am using my running and my experience to make a difference. This leads into the regular feeling I get that God wants me to do more to serve Him. I struggle with knowing what that all means, or what I should pursue, but I know that God wants me to do something.

As I continue to pray for those in need of water, as well as the needs of friends and family, I’m also seeking God’s direction for what He has in store for me next.

Donate to Water – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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