Sticking With The Pacers

I wanted to make sure I hit my target based on how my training went. I decided before the race even started that I was going to stick with the pacers. That plan paid off. Even though my target pace was supposed to be 8:42 min/mi my choices for pacers was 8:30 or 9:00 and so I decided to stick myself in between, but really I just stuck with the 8:30 pacers the whole way, mostly.

After hitting mile 10 on Butterworth Street there was a long stretch that was all downhill. I took advantage of that hill and passed the 8:40 pacers. I maintained that position probably up to around mile 14 which is when the mental part of my run had to kick in. At that point the 8:30 pacers passed me but I kept them in sight until the end. It felt so good to cross that finish line having beat my target finish time.

I loved having my family there to cheer me on at the half way point. And I love that I got cheers from them through the RaceJoy app many time through that second half of the 25K. Those cheers kept me focused and kept me going. I also loved seeing some of the Team out there cheering us on. I may not ever be an elite runner but when you have support you can always accomplish more than you think you can.

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