Would You Rather…Run In 90 Degree Heat Or A Foot Of Snow?

There wasn’t a foot of snow this morning, it was probably more like 6 inches, but it still made for a tough go of it as you still need good traction to move. I almost wiped out on a slick spots in the Family Faire parking lot towards the end of my run.

In regards to “would you rather”, my preference is winter running over hot summer running any day. It’s significantly easier getting yourself warmed up by running than it is to get cooled down. Then again it does matter what weather conditions you might expect for any race you plan on running. Given I’ll be running the Groundhog Marathon at the beginning of February the more terrible winter runs I have the better prepared I’ll be come race day.

No matter what conditions I “run” into, nothing compares to the harsh reality of a long trek for water that many in Africa face daily. And in many cases it’s a long trek for dirty, and often deadly, water. When a new well goes in a village the effects are enormous.

Help change lives in Africa through clean water today! https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

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