Just Another Picture of Me, But That’s Not #WhyIRun

For awhile the running pictures have been of me followed by my thoughts about my running. What has been lost quite a bit is the the focus on running to bring clean water to Africa.

Help bring clean water to the world: https://timn.me/2020HWI

For a long time I quit including my run pace with my finishing photo, and that was to take the potential focus off how well I was running, to try and keep the focus on running for clean water. The new running app doesn’t give me that opinion anymore which is probably fine as my running speed isn’t so great these days.

I also used to use pictures taken from my trip to Sierra Leone, Africa and that was for sure a way to keep the focus on clean water and try keep the focus off of my running. I’ve gotten quite far from that the past year. I’ll blame the pandemic, a little, but I know that pandemic or not I can still let my focus remaining on bringing awareness to people of the great need for clean water.

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