Pulling Out The Face Mask For A Tough Winter Run

This morning I believe the wind chill was around, or below, zero. That meant it was time to finally break out the face mask, especially for a long hour+ run.

Some people see my Winter running photos and refer to me as “hardcore” but I’ve never really felt like I really fit that label. When I think of hardcore runners I think about the ones that are running twice as fast as me or doing ultra marathons. I can see though for people that or more of the casual, or fairweather, type of runners, or especially not runners at all, my Winter running could look extreme.

What might be deceiving from those photos is even though you see my beard all frozen it’s not like I’m on the brink of frostbite or anything. In general, my Winter runs are pretty comfortable. My biggest struggle is losing traction and being slowed down, but also requiring more exertion which takes it tole on my running pace later on.

Ultimately, part of the reason I’m so dedicated to running goes back to the fact that there is still a need for clean water access in our world. That is the one key that keeps me going.

Give to clean water: https://timn.me/2020HWI


15 °F Light Snow

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  1. @timnolte hey Tim, Thanks for posting these! It’s helped me get back into running… In 2019 I felt I couldn’t run 3 miles but decided to set off goal of enjoying running. I got up to running about 36 miles per week (7/8/7/14 runs) until a few months ago when due to insane life circumstances and an injury I took some down time. First real run of this year at 7 miles this morning. I’m back in. Last year’s marathon would have been my first but was covid canceled, rescheduled for October this year. I should be ready well in advance.

    1. Awesome, so happy that I can be an encouragement to others in the running community. Great to hear that you are back on track to do your marathon this year. I also have a marathon in October. What marathon are you doing?

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