Distance: 3.79 miles, Time: 40:06, Pace: 10:34 min/mile | Hudsonville - Progressive Run

Cold But Clear, A Better Day For Running

Things melted off pretty well as the day went on yesterday, which made for much better running conditions today. During the faster part of the run I was able to maintain a 9-9:30 min/mile pace, which would have been near impossible yesterday. With the holiday weekend coming I’m not sure when I’ll be getting the rest of my runs in, especially given that Thursday is both Thanksgiving and a scheduled running day. I know there will be many Turkey Trot races/runs going on that day but my family has other plans so I won’t be making any of those this year.

As you think about being thankful and all the food we will enjoy this Thanksgiving considering making a donation for clean water which helps families and villages in Africa thrive. https://timn.me/HWI2022

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