Computer Upgrades on Order…

Well today I bit the bullet and ordered some upgrades for my laptop. I’m getting a 1GB stick of RAM & a 100GB hard drive. Home Missions is going to buy the 512MB stick of memory that is currently in my laptop. I figured that I best do this now while I have the money, and a way to sell the 512MB stick. With having the digital camera now and getting more website jobs I need the storage space too, I’ve only got like 6GB free right now. So sometime next week I should have everything in the machine. Well, back to work I go.

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  1. i hate your upgrades because i can’t afford them and becuase of this i have also come to hate not only you but your whole family. and the dog.

  2. alex dont be a hater. good job tim.

  3. ok but i still hate the dog. for no reason really.

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