Office Construction Underway & Wasting Time…

Safco(R) Wire LAN Management System, 73H x 48W x 29DOk, so of course as soon as I get into work this morning, Monday, I get people telling me that can’t log into the network. Well, I knew there has been some power blips at my house over the weekend, and the servers we’re up and running, so I just power-cycled the two switches between the servers and the rest of the network. Everything came back online, yeah! I’m hoping this setup lasts us through the week. We got the rest of everything moved out of the server room so that the could begin the construction. By lunch they had the wall out and had started cutting the hole for the window. I’m thinking I should be in my new office by next week. This is going to be a first for me. I’ve never had my own office, other than at my house. I’ve always shared a space with someone or something. I guess technically I’m sharing my office with the servers, but it’s my job to take care of them so it’s really no big deal. The end of the day Lori and I talked about what to do for a rack for the computers. We did some looking and then she mentioned looking at OfficeMax. I braught out the catalog I got from the Co-Op and we looked through it. After pricing things out we decided to go with one that was designed for the intended use. After we logged onto the online catalog we were pleasantly surprised to find a huge discount, and that there would be no shipping & next-day service even. This was pretty amazing. This rach is going to be perfect, we even went with casters for it so it’ll be easy to move it out if I need to get to the backs of the machines.

It was mostly just a rather dull data-entry day. Todd wasn’t available for our meeting in the morning, which never happened later either. Oh well, so it goes. Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day, I need to get my September billing done yet, I’m thinking I want to take off early since I had to put in extra time on Friday to do the whole server move.

I should be getting the memory I ordered sent back tomorrow. It would be nice if I got something back by the end of the week. The hard drive has been working just fine. I guess I’m not really sure I’ve seen a huge performance increase with the faster hard drive. I’m pretty sure the olde one was only a 4200 rpm drive where the new one is 5400 rpm. This still isn’t as good as a 7200 rpm but I just couldn’t see spending much more on it. I would have had to go with a smaller capacity drive and that would have defeated the purpose of doing the upgrade.

So I feel like I pretty much wasted my evening. I pretty much just messed around on making changes to my blog. I could have gotten to be way earlier but of course here I am, once again, being the night owl. I’m thinking I’m going to do all I can to force myself to get my butt out of bed in the morning. My days just always seemed to go better when I was able to get devotions in before I headed to work. I thin this is probably the reason for my poor attitude on things. I guess I’ve been kind of down on myself for not being able to keep up with the early morning routine.

Well, if I ever hope to be able to get up in the morning I have to call it a night. So I let this be a short post. The next two night will probably be pretty short as well, if even existent. If I don’t begin the web job tomorrow I’ll have to get crackin on Thursday. I only just now got content from the company so there wasn’t really anything I could do over this last weekend. Well, chow!

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