Not Getting Caught Up With PRs And Race Pace

A little wet this morning but still nothing like last year’s with the cold downpouring rain. Today being a longer race pace training run it was hard for me to not just focus on the run. With this type of training run you start thinking about what your race pace should be. It’s so easy to begin the comparison game and feel like you should be able to do better.

What I’ve come to appreciate is that there are enough people in the running world that don’t let themselves get caught up in all the PRs, the studies on how to get better and so on. There are those that have found the place where running is about getting outside, staying active for their health, and about connecting with a community of runners.

We can, and will, all have some personal reason why we hit the pavement, trails, treadmills, but I hope that every runner can find the place where they can just enjoy the run regardless of how fast, slow, or in between they go.

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