Striving For Better But Not Losing Sight Of The Purpose

When it comes down to it I have a strange definition of “easy run”. The reality of it is that I just have this drive to always do better, to try harder. I know perfectly well that I won’t be winning any races in the foreseeable future, but like in most things I do I know I can always do better.

The key piece that I can’t, we all can’t, forget is that doing better doesn’t change how much God loves us. Our worst is no different than our best in God’s eyes. Ultimately, God only cares about where our heart is at, and if we are in a relationship with him.

I run not just to get better at running, but because I know that it helps me focus on the things that matter, like my family and my relationships. I run because I hope that it inspires others. I run so that I can motivate others to support bringing clean water to those in Africa that so desperately need it.

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