Doing A Night Run, Fast And Comfortable

I didn’t get out to run this morning on account of the my daughter keeping us up a lot the night before. The alarm went off and I was just so tired I need some sleep to make it through the day. I decided to get my run in tonight and i was glad I still got it in today. I didn’t spend much time thinking or “talking”, I just focused on listening to the worship music. It really felt great. It was supposed to be an easy, slower, run but it just ended up being a bit more of a faster comfortable run.

I’m still seriously considering doing the coming this February. I’d love to be able to represent at that run, and tackle something that is both a challenge but something that I’m very familiar running in, snow! Like I’ve mentioned if people help me raise just $350 more for I will be doing the GD Marathon no question about it.

Donate to Water – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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