A Hoodie Kind Of Morning

It was good that I had a week of blistering cold Minnesota running which pretty much prepared me for the colder weather we’ve had this week. This morning was a shorter interval run, but the 20 minute high intensity interval pretty much set me up to only focus on the run, and the upcoming Groundhog Day Marathon. I’m trying to just trust my training is preparing me like it should but the longest I’ve ran since the last marathon was 18 miles, which is 8.2 miles short. Again, I need to keep my focus on merely finishing and not let myself get caught up with anything else. I can’t deny that it would be great to beat my last marathon time, but I can’t let that be my focus. I want to make sure that I’m enjoying myself as well. Perhaps that sounds crazy, to think that someone would enjoy running 26.2 miles, LOL.

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