A Slow Cold Monday 5K

When the sidewalks and streets aren’t super clear of snow, or packed down from traffic, it makes running and having traction a challenge to say the least. Sometimes it’s harder to enjoy the run when I get slowed down, like by the snow. My thoughts focus ends up mostly on trying to get through the snow instead of enjoying it. And then it’s even easier to forget why I’m running in the first place.

I almost didn’t make it out this morning. It was another one of those mornings where the thought of getting more sleep felt more appealing them going out and running. What helped push me onwards was looking at my planned training run for Tuesday and seeing an interval run, knowing that if I didn’t get a decent warmup today and interval run the next day would be even more brutal. This is one reason why, for me, having a training plan and a race to train for are a big motivator for me.


7 °F Light Snow

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  1. There maybe have been duplicates I’m some other cases this past week since I’ve been working on changing my syndication process. I hadn’t considered email subscriptions to me site. I’m going to have to see about being able to short circuit those emails somehow.

  2. This was some freakout with the WordPress mobile app this morning. A failed image upload caused the app to keep trying the same post over and over again reporting to the app failure but in fact posts were happening.

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