Time To Get Serious: Life’s Greatest Pursuit

Today begins a great step for me. I’ve gotten up in time for devotions & quite time, and looks like I’ll get to work a little earlier. I started reading a devotional I picked up some time ago. Time To Get Serious by Tony Evans. The reading for today seems to fit right along with […]

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What A Sermon…

Well, I did manage to make it to the fellowship time before church. I have to say I was a little disapointed to find no Sunday School class that was directed for my age. I was kind of feeling like an island again. Not that it really matters that most of the guys at church […]

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Apple’s Makin Me Angry, Help Comes to the Rescue!

Ok, so I’ve been a little frustrated with the new iTunes. I’ve actually reverted back to the previous version. It took some hunting to actually find the old installer. I decided to help others out who also wanted to go back to 4.9 and I posted the instructions that worked for me along with a […]

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Unfortunate News…

So I didn’t get a blog entry in yesterday. Oh well, not much went on. I spent a good portion of the day trying to work out wireless issues. I won’t go into the details, however, ended up spending time today working on it too. I guess it’s back to the drawing board on this […]

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Youth Group Kickoff…

Well, today work was pretty normal. Nothing too special. We had the youth group kickoff and things seemed to go pretty well. I got over to the church about 5:15 or so to get the sound system & projection equipment all setup. I worked on fine tuning OpenSong a little during break at work and […]

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iTunes 5 Not Ready for Prime Time…

So I got home tonight and wanted to checkout the news from Apple today. I saw the ads for the new iPod Neo and the iTunes phone. I also saw that there was a new iTunes 5. I went to Software Updates and upgraded my iTunes, I’ve done this in the past without problems. Well […]